LIVE Webinar: "Increasing your knowledge on EU (regional) state aid"


A live webinar organised by CIRFS, the European Man-made Fibres Association

Would you like to know more about EU state-aid in general and EU regional state aid in particular? 

During this event, experienced speakers will provide you with information regarding coverage, what the current rules are, the recent important changes for the man-made fibres’ sector and what is allowed and compatible with EU rules, among others. Moreover, we will go beyond the theory and cover the business-side approach and views on state-aid, for example to what extent is business interested in accessing those funds, are these rules business-friendly, is there or not a need to upgrade them, how difficult it is to apply for these funds from a procedural point of view, etc.

A Q&A session is also foreseen. 

Looking forward to meeting you!


Participation in the webinar: