CIRFS is a full member of EURATEX.

CIRFS is an affiliate member of CEFIC.

CIRFS: European Man-Made Fibres Association is the representative body for the European man-made fibres industry.

Europe is the world’s second largest producer of man-made fibres – an essential raw material for many other industries, ranging from textiles to aerospace, from baby diapers to renewable energy. It is a global leader in quality, innovation and Sustainability. For more information about man-made fibres, their uses and their advantages, click here

CIRFS was founded in 1950, as the Comité International de la Rayonne et des Fibres Synthétiques (from which the abbreviation CIRFS is derived). It took on its present name in 2009.

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10 good reasons why every MMF producer in Europe should join CIRFS...
CIRFS - the information and advocacy centre of the European man-made fibres industry
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IFRF - Inherently Flame Retardant and Resistant Fibres Brochure
Brochure recently published by CIRFS. The purpose of this document is to present the definition developed by CIRFS; European man-made Fibres association and propose it is adopted as the one definition of inherently FR fibres and to recognise the advantages of inherent FR properties.
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