24 May 2022 - CIRFS 70+2 Anniversary Conference

10H00 - 10H30


10H30 - 11H00

Welcome & Introduction by CIRFS President
Mr Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO, Lenzing


11H00 - 11H30

Opening by the European Commission:
Ongoing EU initiatives for a more sustainable, digital and resilient textiles ecosystem

Ms Marie-Hélène Pradines, Head of Unit, Tourism & Textiles, DG GROW – European Commission 

11H30 - 12H00

Sustainability and Competitiveness under the new EU Textile Strategy
Mr Alberto Paccanelli, President, Euratex

12H00 - 12H30

Surfing the wave - Perspective of the Chemical Industry
Mr Marco Mensink, Director General, CEFIC

12H30 - 13H00

Challenges and Opportunities of The Textile Industry Based on Renewable Materials
Mr Thomas Gries, Director, RWTH ITA Aachen

13H00 - 14H00


14H00 - 14H30

Turkish Textile Industry, Circular Economy and Dedication to Sustainability
Mr Mustafa Denizer, Board Member, Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Association (ITKIB)

14H30 - 15H00

BISFA - 94 Years at the Service of the Man-made Fibres Industry - Measuring Environmental Performance
Mr Dieter Eichinger, Secretary-General, BISFA

15H00 - 15H30

Main Challenges/Opportunities and Future of the Man-made Fibres Industry in Europe
- Panel Discussion

Mr Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO, Lenzing,
Mr Uday Gill, Chief Strategy Officer, Indorama,
Mr Attilio Annoni, Executive Director, Aquafil,
Mr Wolfgang Hermann, Business Director, EREMA Plastic Recycling Systems
Ms Cécile Martin,Innovation & Recycling Manager, Refashion
Moderator:  Mr Friedrich Weninger, Director, Austrian Man-made Fibres Institute

15H30 - 16H00


16H00 - 16H30

Fibres world in the age of uncertainty
Mr Alexei Sinitsa, Consultant, Wood McKenzie

16H30 - 16H45

Advancing Innovative Solutions for MMF in the U.S.
Ms Kim Glas, President & CEO, National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO)

16H45 - 17H00

Sustainable Development and Technological Upgrading of China's Chemical Fiber Industry
Mr. Duan Xiaoping, Vice Chairman of China National Textile & Apparel Council and the Supervisor of China Chemical Fibers Association (CCFA) 

17H00 - 17H15

Japanese Chemical Fiber Industry's Sustainability Initiatives
Mr Kenichi Tomiyoshi, Executive Vice President & Director General, Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA)

17H15 - 17H30

Man-made fibres Clothiers of Mankind
Mr S.C. Kapur, Director General, Association Of Synthetic Fibre Industry (ASFI)

17H30 - 17H45

Indonesia Updates: Businesses – Industries – Opportunities
Mr Ravi Shankar, President Director, Indonesian Synthetic Fibre Makers Association

18H00 - 18H10

Conclusions & closing remarks

19H00 - 20H00


20H00 -