Polymer Waste as Raw Material

Waste is to be avoided at anytime, whether it is a waste of money or a waste of resources, but it is sometimes unavoidable despite all efforts made.            
Man - made Fibres (MMF) is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operation, by reducing the use of resources and to reuse as much as possible polymer waste of whatever source, if technically and economically viable.

Polymer waste is more and more frequently used to spin man-made fibres. We have to consider Process Waste or factory waste which comes from the polymerisation process and the spinning process, and we have to consider polymer waste being Post-consumer Waste. Process waste is often sold, recycled into polymer chips and finally into short fibre. A typical example of a non-fibre, post-consumer waste recycling are the PET plastic bottles which are collected and recycled into polyester short fibre.