Process Waste

MMF are committed to reducing environmental impact by reducing its use of natural resources.

Any production process is only long term economically sustainable if no or only minor process waste volumes have to be taken into account. Any process waste is costing a lot of money and should be avoided. Just think about the costly raw materials, be it renewable or not. Production sites have longstanding clear targets to further reduce process waste. Reduction of waste is an important aspect of the Responsible Care programme in which MMF participate.

However, some waste is unavoidable. As said, recovery, recycling and reuse of this waste is saving on resources and saving on money.  Process or factory waste can be sold and recycled into other polymer products, but several MMF producers are now recycling their own process waste. A typical example is practiced in the polyamide carpet production where up to 70% of material originating from process waste and 30% from virgin polymer is used to make carpet yarn.